Genre: UK Bass

The first full-length from Hessle Audio’s Pangaea, In Drum Play offers a unique collection of club-ready tunes ranging through dubstep, electro and techno. Twisted Nike-commercial electro on ‘Rotor Soap’; wobble bass in ‘Bulb in Zinc’; Wearing My Rolex style synth swells in ‘Skips Desk’ – Pangaea presents sounds of bass music’s past, present and future contorted in a versatile mix of flavours. Pangaea is more concerned with crafting club bangers than wild excursions in IDM, but his music glows with subtlety and replay value, and the tracks fit well together despite their genre-hopping. It’s Pangaea’s playfulness, I think, that unifies the tracks – intricate drum patterns, well placed vocal samples, and a wide palette of sounds including tambourines and some sort of flute. In Drum Play is the product of an artist who knows his toolkit and isn’t afraid to use it, or to have fun in the process.