Genre: Techno, Electro

Objekt’s Kern Vol 3 mix CD seems like a great album to play to someone new to techno to ensure that they understand its credibility as a genre, and DJing as an art form. Sometimes avant-garde, often banging, Objekt explores techno and electro throughout Kern Vol 3 by not always sticking to the book.

A few times the rhythm is completely broken and the beat absent for full bits of songs. Whilst these breaks can make you crave the momentum of a more commercial heavyweight techno set they only exemplify the fleeting magnificence of Kern Vol 3. Objekt goes through 36 tracks in 75 minutes. Playing just 2 or 3 minutes of a track the set is without boredom and mixed expertly. Just when we get into a groove it seems to be lost in the mix and another groove comes in, often equally as addictive as the last. And some of the picks are mad.

The mix seems to have a peculiar structure. It feels unfinished at 75 minutes and its over before you even knew it began. In may not deliver a smashing pay-off but leaves you wanting more.